Going by the stage Name, “Okinawa Dreamer” Russell M. is performer of the Okinawa Sanshin and is currently based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Okinawa Dreamer is involved in culture promoting activities and various other events including, performances at Japanese restaurants, culture centers, and Okinawan and Japanese festivals in the Las Vegas area.  He frequently travels to Okinawa, Mainland Japan, Hawaii, and Southern California to participate in Japanese and Okinawan Culture Events. 

Russell is also known overseas and has played at numerous charities, live houses and concert halls all over Japan. He has volunteered his time and music to assist at hospitals and care centers throughout Okinawa. His name is recognized throughout the Okinawan music scene and he has been featured on television, radio broadcasts , commercials, magazines, newspapers and variety shows both in Japan and the United States. 





沖縄ドリーマ​ー             Okinawa Dreamer